Week 14 – The start of a New Year


So with the New Year here I feel super excited about the journey I am continuing this year. I am looking forward to my successes and the new lessons I will learn.

I feel more focused, am really working hard on my 7 day mental diet and are more committed and focused to finish my MKMMA journey strong!

I wish each and every one of you a blessed and successful 2015!

Till next week




Week 13 – Law of Attraction



A happy thought cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness…..

What a perfect time for more than ever happy thoughts….. It is holiday, time to relax and to enjoy the company of all the special people in our lives, and for us the beautiful

beaches in South African and a very, very hot Festive Season.

Enjoy your happy thoughts this last stretch of the year and create plenty more for many years to come.


Till next week






Week 12 – Time to reflect

With year end around the corner and most of 2014’s to-do-list  just about done I find that I can now

start to reflect on the past year. How many of those things on my 2014 to-do-list can I tick?

The big question however is,where those really life changing goals or was it actually just stuff  that needed to be done anyway but gets classified as “goals”?

And as I am going through this process I realized that the only big to do I started this year was my MKMMA journey! I am so excited about this and proud of myself for taking this leap of faith to change the things that I am always moaning about!

What a challenge but what an awesome feeling it is going to be when I do this same exercise next year.

So to all  my MKMMA partners have a great time reflecting and enjoy the journey!



Till next week



Week 11 – When the going gets tough…….

This week was make or break for me, I had to make the decision if I am going to continue my MKMMA

journey or not, but……….


So I am not going anywhere I am here to stay.

I will find a way around the obstacles currently challenging me and I will finish strong.  

My new blueprint will eventually kick back harder than the old one.

Till next week








Week 10 – Persistence

And so I survived another week.

I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed but  am working hard to get myself  back on track.

I think scroll III can just motivate anybody.


So I start every day with Og’s wonderful quote, and remind myself of it often when the old blue print try to interfere .

I would like to share this quote from Michael Jordan


Till next week







Week 9 – Hanging in there

I am not sure if it is because of the year end buzz or my constantly challenging blue print, but I feel physically, mentally and emotionally absolutely exhausted!

And my old blue print is definitely having a ball! Maybe that is why I feel the way I do. I must admit that I was never so close to quitting as this week.

I am constantly fighting the I don’t have time, maybe this is not the right time for MKMMA, you never going to get this right anyway, etc, etc thoughts

So this week was extremely challenging, but I will hang in there and I WILL make it!

Quitting is just not an option.

hang in there


So with a new week upon us I will start it fighting fit  and I will chat to you all again next week.


Week 8 – A vivid picture

I really liked the sit this week with the battleship in mind, it helped to have a picture to “see”

It is so much easier when you have the guidance on what to imagine, what to look for and what detail to find in your mind


battleship - Copy

It is a completely different story when you have to create that picture yourself, shocking actually when I realized that the picture of what I want my future to look like

is a bit of a blur….

So once again an affirmation that the old way of doing things seriously needs to go.

And so I begin every day with more determination to make this MKMMA journey work 100% for me.

I want my picture to be crystal clear!

Till next week